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Delicious.  Nutritious.

Plant based food & protein innovation.

Welcome to Proform Foods.

We’re a proudly Australian company, focussed on plant-based protein
and innovation and the home of the MEET brand.

We believe that plant-based protein is key to the future of food. We believe there are simple steps everyone can take to positively affect their health & the environment. By switching, even occasionally, from animal meat to plant-based meat made locally in Australia we can positively impact our health and the environment.

Our proprietary & patented technology gives us a unique edge – Australian made plant-based meat of the highest quality. Juicy, delicious and nutritious cuts of plant-based meat that can easily help you and your customers switch out meat for a plant-based alternative.


Our Story

Proform Foods is a proudly Australian company.  Established in 2005 as a leading research & development company, today we are recognized globally as a pioneer in alternative, plant-based protein source and forming technology.

The Proform Difference

Our innovation approach is simple – producing high quality protein source food for the future.  

We are experts in High Moisture Extrusion process, with a global patent on our unique cooking process.

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Our Manufacturing Facility

We have an expert local team, and innovation and agility are core components of our work.

Our factory is situated in Northern Sydney, Australia and supported with a focus on Sustainability.

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