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Having started as an R&D led business, R&D is in our DNA. Our R&D approach is simple – it is making food for the future. Inherently, we identify problems that can be solved through our investment in R&D. It is our innovative mindset which helps our team see opportunities from what others see as problems.

The problem we are solving for today, is the forecast global demand of protein for the future and our patented PHMC (Proform High Moisture Cooking) process works to solve this.


The PHMC process transforms a range of proteins with no visible structure or texture (low value) into a high moisture, texturised product with muscle meat-like fibres (high value). The texture can be controlled by adjusting the protein type and level and the addition of natural fats and oils, moisture content, processing temperature, shear, pressure, and residence time while cooking. Our investment to date has been over AUD10 million in homegrown, Australian research and development.

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The technology achieves high throughput and excellent process stability compared to any other processes looking to achieve the quality products we produce.

Our cooking technology can be applied to ambient-stable, chilled, and frozen product formats offering greater versatility than other technologies in the market. 


PHMC process


The PHMC process addresses a fundamental challenge faced by the industry to date, not being able to replicate muscle meat protein fibration. Existing technology has been unable to develop an adequate textual quality with a nutritional profile equivalent to traditional animal meat products and cuts.

We are proud to say the applications for our technology have been credited by our contemporaries as leading the way in the food technology industry and as a result, we continue to produce “best in class” end products from a texture, taste and nutrition perspective.

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It is Proform Foods’ intention to apply our technology to bring better plant based foods to market. These plant based foods offer greater environmental benefits by harnessing plants over animals.

Our technology is holistically about achieving more from less. ProForm Foods welcomes the opportunity to explore partnerships that can deliver positive outcomes.



Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located on the northern outskirts of Sydney, Australia at Mount Kuring-gai. The central location coupled with our investment in the manufacturing facility enables Proform Foods the agility to respond quickly to changes in demand of both owned and others’ products. Our leading edge R&D area and test kitchen allows our R&D team to complete end to end innovation, replicating the end-user experience and testing and learning for optimal product development.