Plate of soft shell tacos made with MEET (brand) chicken style tenders using plant based protein food technology

Proform Foods was established in 2008 as an R&D business, which developed very innovative protein forming technology that could generate extremely well structured “muscle” products from protein ingredients. Since then our business has expanded;  while still offering products “as an ingredient”, we also have a strong export business and more recently have launched our own branded division. 

Proform Foods technicians assessing high moisture texturised protein at Mount Kuring-gai, Food Manufacturing NSW facility

ProForm Foods owns their proprietary and patented structured protein process and product which is now being offered across a variety of brands – owned and others.


The technology is called PHMC - Proform High Moisture Cooking. This is a patented (application) technology which provides Proform Foods a competitive edge in the market versus other technologies that exist. Subsequently it offers those partners we work with this same advantage.