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Our Story


Proform Foods is a proudly Australian company.  Established in 2005 as a leading research & development company, today we are recognized globally as a pioneer in alternative, plant-based protein source and forming technology.

With a proprietary and patented protein process, our competitive edge is our PHMC Proform High Moisture Cooking technology which delivers plant-based cuts of meat with superior taste and texture.

Locking in moisture, this is plant-based meat at its juiciest, meatiest, most delicious and nutritious. 

We understand the process required to create the highest quality plant-based meat cuts and work with our partners to deliver the product that best suits their needs.

Meet Our Founders

Back in 2005, Stephen the original founder of the business, started his life’s mission: to bring his love and expertise in food science together with his passion for our planet to develop plant-based food that’s good for us, good for the environment and accessible to all. His team has now spent over a decade developing a plant-based meat so tasty that it meets the needs of a meat-loving world and meat reducers alike with no compromise.

Stephen's son Matt Dunn is a former Olympic swimmer who had long seen the benefits of good nutrition to maximize physical and mental performance.  Matt joined the ProForm business and moved the company forward, evolving from Research & Development to a commercial business with an exciting and innovative range.  Matt's focus is on strategy, growth expansion and the international market.  


We’re proud to help our community. We partner
with Oz Harvest to ensure our plant-based goodness
gets into the hands of those who need it most

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