Plate of soft shell tacos made with MEET (brand) chicken style tenders using plant based protein food technology

Proform Foods was established in 2008 as an R&D business, which developed very innovative protein forming technology that could generate extremely well structured “muscle” products from protein ingredients. Since then our business has expanded;  while still offering products “as an ingredient”, we also have a strong export business and more recently have launched our own branded division. 

Proform Foods technicians assessing high moisture texturised protein at Mount Kuring-gai, Food Manufacturing NSW facility

How it all came about?


We initially started working in collaboration with the CSIRO, under a joint venture project funded by ProForm, with the common objective to identify a more efficient delivery of protein through new technology, not yet offered in the market. Good progress was made against this, however, the work was taken further by the Proform Foods team who believed there was more that could be done. The outcome has been proprietary and patented structured protein process and product which is now being offered across a variety of brands – owned and others.


The technology is called PHMC - Proform High Moisture Cooking. This is a patented (application) technology which provides Proform Foods a competitive edge in the market versus other technologies that exist. Subsequently it offers those partners we work with this same advantage.