Our Brands

Proform Foods applies our cooking technology in the plant based category, with our owned brand launching in 2020 – MEET. Our range of plant based goodness includes (chicken style) tenders, (beef style) strips, “meet”balls, and burger patties, with more new products on the way.  

Our Partners

Proform Foods supplies plant based protein to many recognised brands in the Australian marketplace

ProForm Foods Meat Free Burger
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Our Industry Involvement

We believe it is important to play an active role in the industry in which we are serving and as such we are an active member of industry associations and have had historical partners that have allowed us to better inform our technology.

Current Memberships and Associations.


Working with not-for-profit enterprises

We have combined two things which are incredibly important to us at Proform Foods, one being the continuous improvement of our products always to provide a better eating experience and the second which sharing value back to the communities in which we operate.

How does it work? We are continually testing and learning, producing quality plant based proteins and part of this process is completing production runs of these products. While the product is of the best quality, we are continually focused on ways to improve.  

Rather than dispose of this product, which is amongst the highest quality in the Australian market, we work with not-for-profit enterprises to ensure others in the community get to enjoy it – knowing it is incredibly healthy and tasty.


We partner with Oz Harvest to ensure our products get into the hands of those who need them the most and have also recently worked with Theodora’s Cheerful Givers who operate as a food bank in Victoria, giving to those in need. Our business is anchored in family, and generosity is an important value to us. Being able to give back while we can continue our innovation efforts is a significant part of who we are.