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Nutritious & delicious MEET provides the best tasting plant-based meat that makes switching to plant-based simple, without compromising taste and texture.

• High in Protein

• Good Source of Iron & B12

• No Cholesterol

• Low in saturated fats

• Vegan friendly

• Non-GMO

• No artificial colours or flavours

Technology & Innovation

Having started as a Research & Development led business, R&D is in our DNA.

Our innovation approach is simple – producing high quality protein source food for the future.  

We are experts in High Moisture Extrusion process, with a global patent on our unique cooking process, Proform High Moisture Cooking, which encapsulates moisture and achieves superior quality plant-based taste and texture.  ​​

We have the ability to custom design textures, piece size and shapes to meet customer needs
- and create true to nature, bespoke flavours.

Our Industry Involvement

Our cooking technology can be applied to ambient-stable, chilled, and frozen product formats offering greater versatility than other technologies in the market.

We have an expert local team, and innovation and agility are core components of our work.

Our factory is situated in Northern Sydney, Australia and supported by 100kW Solar Panel System.

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